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Easy Motion Electric Bikes...Making Riding More Efficient around Brooklyn

In the competitive electric bike industry, Greenpath Electric has gone above and beyond the standard level of any competition. We sell and service only the best electric bikes in the nation (and in every price category!). All of our bikes come with manufacturer's warranties (ranging from 1-5 years) and we handle any service and warranty issues. No more waiting several days to hear back for a response back for any technical problem, and you definitely don't have to wait months to receive parts that need servicing!

Evo Eco Lite

Evo Eco Lite

A great step thru commuter with all you need to get around the city! Featuring an impressive range up to 50 miles. Top speeds up to 20 mph (assisted), includes a 5 year warranty on the frame, electronics and warranty. * when registered online*

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Popular Easy Motion Electric Bike Models We Carry

  • EVO Cross
  • EVO Jet
  • EVO City
  • Bosh City Wave
  • Evo Jumper Pro
  • Bosch Cross
  • Neo Carbon
  • Many More

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Why Easy Motion Electric Bikes Are Popular

The Easy Motion Electric Bikes are an excellent choice for city dwellers and suburbanites looking for a transportation alternative. It has the power, tires, design, and accessories needed for commuting to work, running errands, or just for enjoyment. The larger tires, suspension, and swept back handlebars all make for a very comfortable ride.

Why Choose Greenpath Electric As Your easy motion electric bikes Dealer in Brooklyn ?

  • FREE shipping on all electric bikes within the US
  • 100% financing options available
  • We guarantee to beat any advertised price
  • We provide repair services for almost all makes and models of bikes ranging from low to high-performance electrical machines
  • We will donate $50 to a charity in your name with the purchase of any electric bike

Styling Features Unique To Easy Motion

All Easy Motion bikes all have similar styles that are beautifully designed and easy to mount and ride. Bikes come with dynamo powered lights, fenders, a rear carry rack, suspension fork, and tool-free adjustable bars.

How Fast Can I Go?

In accordance with federal and state regulations, all Easy Motion Electric Bikes are governed at 20 MPH.

How Far Can I Go With A Full Battery Charge?

There is not a "standard" about how long your battery can last, since the number can fluctuate depending on your weight, weather, speed, and most importantly, how much you pedal. For an estimated range, you're looking at 30-60 miles.

What Kind Of Maintenance Is Needed?

Aside from keeping your battery charged, maintenance for an Easy Motion Electric bike is simple.After you've gone about 100 miles on our bike, all you'll need is a simple tune up. All you need to do is make sure your tire pressure is fine regularly, and keep them inflated as indicated on the tire. You're good to go!

See What Our Customers Have To Say!:

Great store with a very nice selection of all kinds of electric bicycles. The EMPLOYEES, are very knowledgeable. I purchased an a2b electric bike from them, it runs great. Awesome store, very nice owner. Justin A. Brooklyn, NY

Choose Greenpath As Your Electric Bike Dealer We reference all of our electric bikes to an automotive product, making it even easier for you to understand what bike you are considering and what category it falls in. We understand that all electric bike companies will tell you that they have the best electric bikes, including us. But after 10 years in the electric bike industry, we have proudly established ourselves as the leading electric bike dealers in the United States and only work with the top manufacturers in the nation to ensure streamline quality and precision in all of our products.

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