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Pedego Electric Bikes...Making Riding More Fun near Westchester County NY

For the past 10 years at Greenpath Electric, our electric bikes have exceeded any industry standard. Not only do we sell and service the best electric bikes in various price categories, but also we represent the manufacturers that provide only the best and most professional customer service to our customers...100% guaranteed. All of our bikes come with manufacturer's warranties (ranging from 1-5 years) and we handle any service and warranty issues. You don't have to wait several days to get a response back for a technical problem, and you definitely don't have to wait months to receive parts that need servicing!



The Pedego Boomerang is the most accessible electric bike ever --- making riding more fun and easy for everyone. The Boomerang features a range between 20-30 miles and can travel at speeds up to 20 mph. The Boomerang is available in both red and black colors.

Product Details

Popular Pedego Electric Bike Models We Carry

  • Boomerang
  • Ridge Rider
  • Stretch
  • Ford Super Cruiser
  • Tandem
  • Trail Tracker
  • Many More
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Greenpath Electric sells and services one of the largest electric bicycle brands in the United States. Pedego Electric Bikes was initially created to offer more stylish, user-friendly electric bikes, and to stand behind them with world-class customer service. Every bike is built with top quality and brand name components, from the battery to the pedals.

Why Choose Us?

  • FREE shipping on all electric bikes within the US
  • 100% financing options available
  • We guarantee to beat any advertised price
  • We provide repair services for almost all makes and models of bikes ranging from low to high-performance electrical machines
  • We will donate $50 to a charity in your name with the purchase of any electric bike

Unique Pedego Electric Bike Features

Battery Specs

Pedego offers four different batteries that are classified by their voltage and amp-hour ratings. The voltage determines how powerful the bike will feel and the amp-hours determine how far you can go on a single charge.

  • 10AH: The more affordable option, experience shows that most people are satisfied with the standard 10AH, which provides more than enough power and range
  • 36V 15AH: The extended range battery, best for trips over 20 miles and can come in handy if you are planning to pedal very little (or not at all)
  • 48V 10H:The more "powerful" battery, best for riders over 200 pounds and steep hills or strong winds
  • 48V 15AH: The most popular option, has all the power of a 48V 10H and extended range of the 36V 15AH

A battery will charge between 2-6 hours with a standard wall outlet. In terms of how long the battery lasts, you can expect it to last about 2-4 years with proper use. How far can you go on a single battery charge? Well, generally speaking, any Pedego battery should last longer than you (very rare that people will run out of juice!). There is not a "standard" about how long it can last, since the number can fluctuate depending on your weight, weather, speed, and most importantly, how much you pedal. For an estimated range, you're looking at 30-60 miles.

How Fast Can I Go?

In accordance with federal and state regulations, all Pedago's are governed at 20 MPH.

What Kind Of Maintenance Is Required?

Maintaining a Pedego Electric Bike is the same as any bicycle, except just keeping your battery charged. After you've ridden about 100 miles, you'll need a simple tune up. All you need to do is regularly make sure your tire pressure is adequate, and keep them inflated as indicated on the tire. You're good to go!

What Are My Health Benefits?

Not only are you doing the Earth a healthy favor, but you're doing it for yourself too! By choosing an electric bike as your form of transportation, you will become more active and see drastic improvements in your coordination, even if you haven't ridden a bike for years. Your commute also just got less stressful, since you'll be spending more times outdoors in fresh air. Who wouldn't want a fresh start to their work day every day?!

Choose Greenpath As Your Electric Bike Dealer

We reference all of our electric bikes to an automotive product, making it even easier for you to understand what bike you are considering and what category it falls in. We understand that all electric bike companies tell you that they have the best electric bikes, including us. But after 10 years in the electric bike industry, we have proudly established ourselves as the leading electric bike dealers in the United States and only work with the top manufacturers in the nation to ensure streamline quality and precision in all of our products.

Electric Bikes We Offer

Greenpath Electric offers an array of bikes from various manufacturers. Types of bikes include:

  • Street Cruiser
  • Folder
  • High Performance
  • Conversion Kits
  • Mountain Bike

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