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Greenpath Electric has proudly established itself as the leading dealer of stromer electric bikes across the nation. We sell and service only the best electric bikes in the nation in every price category (guaranteed). All of our bikes come with manufacturer's warranties (ranging from 1-5 years) and we handle any service and warranty issues. No more waiting several days to hear back for a response back for any technical problem or waiting months to receive parts that need servicing!

ST2 Sport

ST2 Sport

Ushering a new era for the chic and smart urban lifestyle, the ST2 combines digital connectivity with Swiss efficiency and eco-friendly mobility to deliver a truly ground-breaking e-bike experience. Choose from the Sport or Comfort models to suit your riding style.

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Popular Stromer Electric Bike Models We Carry

  • Demo ST2 Comfort
  • ST1 Elite
  • ST1 Platinum
  • ST2 Comfort
  • Kou+Folder
  • ST2 Sport

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Our website references all of our electric bikes to an automotive product, making it even simpler for you to understand the bike you are choosing and what category it falls in. We understand that all electric bike companies will tell you that they have the best electric bikes, including us. But after 10 years in the electric bike industry, we have can proudly say that we are definitely the leading electric bike dealers in the United States and only work with the top manufacturers in the nation to ensure streamline quality and precision in all of our products.

Why Choose Greenpath Electric As Your stromer electric bikes Dealer?

  • FREE shipping on all electric bikes within the US
  • 100% financing options available
  • We guarantee to beat any advertised price
  • We provide repair services for almost all makes and models of bikes ranging from low to high-performance electrical machines
  • We will donate $50 to a charity in your name with the purchase of any electric bike

Stromer Electric Bikes

The swiss don't only build cars, they build e-bikes! The Stromer Electric bike offers undeniable range, versatility, power, and is above all, eco-friendly. Inspired by only the latest trends, these bikes adapt to existing technology and are one of the most advanced bikes on the market.

What Are The Features?

The extra power of stromer electric bikes allows you to do things regular bicycles can't. This bike is perfect for the perfect for the stop and go city commute, and can match the speed of surrounding traffic reducing the chances of an accident. For longer journeys, these bikes don't allow you to tire easily and are hands down the best and fastest way to travel.

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